The Kite

A simple process to manage the acting out cycle

About the Kite

The kite is a model designed in Chinook’s Edge School Division to assist teachers and other school personnel in thinking about classroom and school incidents that have the potential for combustive results. The kite uses colour and shape to illustrate the trajectory of agitation that can result when a student experiences stressors and triggers in the school environment.

To understand the kite, begin at the bottom of the image and proceed in a clockwise manner up toward agitation and then to peak frustration (or the moment when stress reaches its explosion). Moving down the right side of the kite, we work to reattain the state of calm that is an acceptable baseline for any student.

As is the case with the QLE, the kite holds relationships at its core.

Background Information

The kite is an intervention model unique to Chinook’s Edge School Division. It was designed to provide an easily-referenced, neuropsychologically-grounded model for dealing with escalating behaviours in the classroom.

To complete these modules, you will need to print the following resources (11.5 X 17 is best)

Introduction – Foundational Premises

Part 2 – Triggers and Agitation


Moving up the left side of the kite, let’s talk about “triggers”.