Why Mentoring?

  • Promotes social connectivity
  • Builds resilience
  • Builds social skills
  • Builds cross-grade connections
  • Builds community connections

Mentorship has shown to promote empathy, caring and connection in cross graded pairings,  develop leadership skills in older students, practice social skills for younger students.


  • Can be a partnership or run by the school.
  • Identify possible interest from mentors, screen & train mentors from older grades
  • Identify younger students 
  • Determine possible matches
  • Can be free play, fun structured activities or a combination.

Attendance sheet as high school students are eligible for 1 credit with every 25 hours of mentoring plus accompanying booklets:

  • HSS1050 – Introduction to Mentoring
  • HSS 2050 – Becoming a Mentor
  • HSS 3060 – Extending the Mentoring Relationship
  • HSS 3070 – Peer Mentoring

Alberta Mentors

Big Brothers & Sisters