Why Mentoring?

  • Promotes social connectivity
  • Builds resilience
  • Builds social skills
  • Builds cross-grade connections
  • Builds community connections

Mentorship has shown to promote empathy, caring and connection in cross graded pairings,  develop leadership skills in older students, practice social skills for younger students.


  • Can be a partnership or run by the school.
  • Identify possible interest from mentors, screen & train mentors from older grades
  • Identify younger students 
  • Determine possible matches
  • Can be free play, fun structured activities or a combination.

Attendance sheet as high school students are eligible for 1 credit with every 25 hours of mentoring plus accompanying booklets:

  • HSS1050 – Introduction to Mentoring
  • HSS 2050 – Becoming a Mentor
  • HSS 3060 – Extending the Mentoring Relationship
  • HSS 3070 – Peer Mentoring

Alberta Mentors

Big Brothers & Sisters

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Leadership Opportunities for Students

Leadership Opportunities for Students


To provide students with an opportunity to build confidence, communication skills, as well as social emotional skills.

To allow students to use their knowledge and creativity to make a positive impact on their school.

To increase healthy school interactions and culture.


This can happen in a variety of ways. Please check out the resources below. Only a few examples are provided below. Ideas should be adapted to make sense for individual classrooms and schools.

  1. A leadership club – students gather at recess, lunch or after school to initiate school activities, rallies, donation opportunities for the school, etc.
  2. Older classes meet with younger classes and participate in a reading buddies program.
  3. Students participate in the Leos Club (see resource below).
  4. Older grades plan a sports day for the entire school.
  5. Partner up a younger student in need of mentoring, with an older student and provide time and space for the two to interact in a safe environment – play games in the gym, paint together in the school, etc.

Supporting Resources

Leo’s Club

Me to We Club

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Big Impact Academy – Responsible Leadership and Right Use of Power

Big Impact Academy – Responsible Leadership and Right Use of Power

Responsive Leadership operates within the scope of strengths and value based principles, providing a moral and ethical leadership foundation. The Right Use of Power is an ethical framework that helps leaders and practitioners identify and work with the inherent power dynamics that exist in organizations and professional relationships. There is inherent dynamics that accompany relationships where there is a role power difference–the potential for good, the responsibilities, the distortions, the vulnerability and risk for harm.

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