Circle of Security

Circle of Security

Circle of Security Parenting is a parent-reflection program offering the core components of the based and internationally acclaimed COS protocol. This 4-day training teaches professionals to use an eight-chapter DVD to educate parents and caregivers. The program presents video examples of secure and problematic parent/child interaction, healthy options in care-giving, and animated graphics designed to clarify principles central to COS. Circle of Security Parenting implements decades of attachment research in an accessible step-by-step process for use in group settings, home visitation or individual counseling.


The program covers the following learning objectives:

  • Understand the theoretical foundation of the Circle of Security
  • Shift caregiver focus from behaviour management to enhancing the quality of relationship
  • Understand specific steps to build self-reflection in caregivers
  • Use video examples to support increased empathy in caregivers
  • Identify new options to help caregivers manage emotions
  • Learn step-by-step approaches for promoting secure attachment in children

This program has been used as a Family Oriented Programming session for parents of PUF students (Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten).

For further informattion contact division psychologist Barb Rusiewicz-Enwright or FSW clinical lead Amber Stonebridge

Neufeld Institute

Neufeld Institute

The Neufeld approach (attachment-based developmental model) is based on the attachment theory formulated by John Bowlby.

Learning about the attachment based developmental model allows teachers to better understand meaning behind behaviour of students.

Our mission is to use developmental science to make sense of children to the adults responsible for them. Our instrument is the attachment-based developmental approach as synthesized and articulated by Dr. Gordon Neufeld. Our hope is that the insights provided by this evidence-based theory will rejoin parents, teachers and helping professionals to their natural intuition. Our evidence-based belief is that children are meant to be raised in the context of relationship to those who are responsible for them.

We attempt to fulfill our mission through delivering over twenty courses that Dr. Neufeld, with the help of his daughter Tamara Strijack, has developed. These courses are delivered to parents, teachers and helping professionals via online continuing education, facilitated video courses, and onsite events. The Neufeld Institute trains faculty to train facilitators to deliver these courses. Our online education is delivered via a virtual campus that has been created specifically for this purpose.

The Neufeld Institute also equips and supports helping professionals who wish to use this approach to support parents.”